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14 Baptised in the South Pacific Today

Early start today so out of the house by 8am. Many met at Ipao beach today for a service with worship and with testimonies from all who were being baptised today followed by total emersion believers baptism in the lovely warm South Pacific sea. People who have decided to follow Jesus, have invited him into their lives and want to bury the old life they had and walk into the plans, purpose and destiny God has for them. It's symolic as well of leaving the old man that they were before Christ buried in the water and of being resurected a new creation in Christ. The old has gone and the new has come. New life and a clean slate in Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit. 14 people were baptised today - Thankgiving Day, November 2010. What a wonderful start to Thanksgiving.

I indulged in a bit of a splash around and swim in the South Pacific myself - it was beautiful scenary, fantastically warm and such fun. Jessica and Rosie also stayed in for a while. Went home, showered and went down the Sheila's house with some of the ladies. All the others were already there. Spent a little time there before coming back to Rosies house.

Was picked up by Rick at about 2pm for an afternoon with Rick and Cath and a Turkey Thanksgiving dinner and another. Brian arrived about 4:30 and we sat down for dinner about 5pm. It was really lovely, and so was the desert which Brian had brought with him. Had a lovely time but was flagging at about 8pm and Cath noticed and offered to take me home. Have had a new wind of energy now. Just need to keep busy really, it's when I stop and relax that I get tired. Time for bed though now I think.

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Celebrate Recovery

33 °C

8:30 devotional again with the ladies before going on to OEC. Spent all morning there with the ladies. They are so lovely, so open and so grateful to God. They seem to have taken quite a shine to me as I have them.

Lunched with Cath - yes I have been spelling her name wrong. It's a curly C not a kicking K. Went shopping and then went to two lovers point. Legend has it that a local chamorro girl was promised by her father to a spanish VIP but she was in love with a local lad. They ran away but the Spanish army were in persuit. They decided if they couldnt be together in life they would be together in death - tied their hair together and jumped to their death. Sounds a little like Romeo and Juliet. Now it's a popular place to get married? Not sure I understand that.

Then we went back for another lovely evening meal with Cath and Ricke (pasta, tuna, mushroom sauce with a savory biscuit crum topping and baked!). Wrote it down - may do it myself - this will remind me how. Apple crumble and whipped cream after.

The highlight of the day was the celebrate recovery service this evening at OEC where EVERYONE there testifide to the greatness of God in their lives. Very moving, I was very emotional as were many others. Amazing. And amazing worship too - no PA - one very talented lady with her voice and guitar leading - Beth. ALL praising God.

Need to get to bed now. Thanks Giving tomorrow and about 10 getting baptised in the sea. Hallelujah!

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Wifi at the house

22nd Nov continued

sunny 32 °C

Had a wonderful afternoon and evening. Kathy and Ricke are doing a wonderful job of carting me around, showing me some of the islands history. Beautiful beaches, how the Americans liberated the island from the Japanease (who were very cruel to the natives at the time) and how Guam celebrates 21st July as their liberation day. They are - in the main - grateful to the Americans. Now then, get this, Guam is know by the Americans as being where the American day begins - because it is where, in an American owned place, the sun first rises in the day - or is that son? I think that is a very prophetic statement - certainly I think something is in it. Also at the airport, where it once said ‘Adios, come again’ an ‘A’ has been lost. It now says dios, come again. What a prayer!

Really would like to get some pics of the island and some of my new friends for you all to see.

Today - 23rd Nov 2010 first breakfast and then at 8:30 am devotional - do you know that EVERYTHING we do and say is seed - good or bad? I spent most of the day at the OEC. It was great. Sat in on a class with the ladies this morning, had lunch with them, jammed with Beth who then went on to invite me to join the worship group on Sunday - which I will. We had a very powerful time of singing in the Spirit and the presence of God was there. Such fun - and I got to play her guitar! The ladies are so very precious.

Was picked up by Ricke and taken back to the apartment where Kath had prepared a fantastic bolognaise and apple crumble, accompanied with the very famous lemon ice tea. Lovin’ it. Caught up on some blogging at the OEC while Ricke and Kath attended a prayer meeting and then came back to Rosie’s pad where we got the internet sorted. I am now just about up to date with all my news - just need to show you all some pics. But for now - I think I need to take to my bed - well it is nearly 10pm. Still no jet lag - I really think I was spared it. Thank you God x He is just amazing!

Night all x

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What - no jet lag? A Miracle!

Monday 22nd Nov 2010

8:30am woke up. Was introduced to the ladies at both Rosies home and the house down the road. Such a precious bunch of ladies. Got some cereal for breakfast, a cup of bluebury fruit tea and joined them for a very powerful morning devotional led by Rosie. Ladies everywhere, do you know we have such treasure to transfer to our men folk! Do you know that we reflect the glory of mankind. Do you know just what power we have to release our menfolk to be every bit the man God intends them to be, release our family - husbands, sons and daughters. Amazing. Are we going to inherit God's promises or mens fears - what's it to be? I am up for the promises of God.

Had a wonderful day. Went with Rosie and the ladies to the Oasis Empowment Centre. The ladies stayed there for their classes and Rosie and I went off to purchase some much needed sun glasses and have a coffee together at a wifi coffee shop by the ocean. That's when I facebooked on Rosies computer that I had arrived and it was 32*C. Lovely. Then we went back to the OEC where I was introduced to Ricke and Kathy who looked after me from then on. It was soon time for lunch and I was taken to Kathy and Rickes appartment where Kathy prepared a lovely cheese salad, with lovely bread and ice lemon tea (homemade by Ricke). Rosie joined us for lunch. After that Ricke and Kathy showed me some of the island. Sadly have to go now. Bye all.x

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Safe arrival

Well, no wifi at the house at the moment but am going to keep up with blogging by typing it all and copy and pasting it to my blog when I can. What an adventure. What an amazing few days I have had already!

Saturday 20th November 2010 2:45pm

Andy and Viv arrive first to pray and then to transport me and my just the right weight luggage. Can’t believe how peaceful and calm I am - I get more flustered than this trying to launch me and the boys of to Poole for a visit. Lots of hanging around at the airport - didn’t realise I could go through the gate as soon as have checked in and got my boarding pass. I will know next time - and yes - there will be a next time.

Looked around the duty free thinking I may treat myself to a mascara but changed my mind when I saw the prices, I’ll get myself a less salubrious one else where. I really don’t need the fancy labels but its fun to look round anyway. I tried to get a pic of the plane before boarding I but just got flare on the window. Got one of the plane after we had got off it at Seoul though - in day light.

I thought I would be clever and not join the queue until it was nearly at it’s end. The consequence of this was that my hand luggage had to be stowed away on the other side of the plane because the locker above my seat was already full. Won’t do that again. Consider it a lesson learned. It was ok though. Got Smith Wigglesworth out and got though a big chunck of his book. I had a window seat (A30) and it was great for the take off seeing Heathrow and the surrounding area spread out beneath as we took off. Not so great was that my screan wasn’t working and the people sitting next to me had no difficulty in sleeping thus making it difficult to get out and take a walk or go to the loo - which I wanted to do quite regularly after taking everyone’s advise and drinking loads. Didn’t get a head ache though - did get moved though after they tried their very best to make my screen work by re booting it several times. I was moved to another seat in the middle section and on the isle but because of it’s positioning it had a couple of inches leg room taken out (it had a cabin crew section just behind it). So you travellers beware - if you have your back to a wall you may be robbed of a significant though little, leg room. That would be flying with any provider using the same planes.

Korean Air were lovely. The food was ok. An evening meal was served about 22:00pm which seemed strange and we had another meal - a substantial brunch I guess - at about 10pm Seoul time I think. I would be very happy to fly with them again. If you ever find you need to use them there is nothing to worry about. Just for the record.

During that flight I lost 9 hrs so I set off at about 20:05 and arrived in Seoul at about 16:00 on 21st November but really it was a 11 hr flight overnight and we flew in an arch from LHR north of Moscow before curving back down to Seoul at altitudes of 39000 and at 637mph. I was shattered though as I found it very difficult to get much quality sleep.

Seoul airport and hospitality was lovely. They do such a lot to make your visit to their country as good an experience as it possibly can be. They have processions of people in traditional dress, traditional crafts to do - and you can take what you have made, opportunities to dress in traditional outfits and have your photo taken, performances of traditional music with photo opportunities all free of charge. They also had showers, massage services, lounges with wifi and eateries. If I had been as bright as I sometimes think I am I would have done some facebooking and blogging there! But no - and now I have some catching up to do! The people of Seoul and their desire to bless the people visiting their country and giving them a lovely experience is heart warming.

Eventually it was time to board my plane from Seoul to Guam. Although there were technical difficulties - the plane aborted take off twice because of a technical fault we were brought to a halt while a team of engineers came on the plane and did stuff in the cockpit I guess. Well , third time lucky - we did have lift off though everything was a hour late by then. Wasn’t able to let Rob and Allison know so Allison and Beth who greeted me at Guam with welcome garlands and hugs had been there some time. It was a very pleasant trip, we ate about 23:30 which was very strange and I chatted with someone who had been resident there for a while in the hospitality business at one of the posh hotels. Getting through customs there was not a problem and my baggage arrived at the same time I did. Leaving the airport I was hit by the heat. I was convinced that the porch of the hotel was heated though I couldnt think why but as we left the cover of the porch the heat was still very apparent! It was hot even then. We arrived at Rosie's house, woke her up to let us in and after introductions I was shown to my room and my very comfy bed - bliss - slept very well, very well indeed.

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