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Ruth in Guam

Up up and away - well nearly

Andy and Viv coming round at 2.45pm first to pray and then they will be taking me to London Heathrow Terminal 4. My journey starts in just a few hours - well this chapter of the journey anyway. There has been a three year journey in the lead up to this visit.

I will be flying from Heathrow at 20:05 and arriving in Seoul at 15:55 tomorrow. I have packed a couple of inspiring books in my hand luggage, a note book and my bible of course. The books? Chasing the Dragon and Smith Wigglesworth - very good reading. Recommended! I have packed my strongest reading spects too.

My flight leaves Seoul at 20:50 same day and I am due to arrive in Guam at 02:05am. Allison and Rob Zimmerman will be there to meet me. Can't wait.

I am flying Korean Airlines (KE). I shall take pictures and try to load them on facebook and on the blog too. In case you are wondering, Guam is all on its own in the middle of the South Pacific, north of Papua New Guinea and east of the Philippines. Check it out on Google maps or more interestingly Google earth. You can see the plates its situated near!

Catch you later


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Just 17 days to go

And counting. I can hardly believe this trip is so nearly upon me. It's been 3 years since I first knew I just had to go to Guam and hook up with Allison and Rob out there.

I have to confess I am not looking forward to the journey there and back, it is such a long way. I am praying for an upgrade from economy (which is what I could afford) to something a little more comfortable. Please Daddy. I am flying Korean Air from London Heathrow on Saturday 20th November to Seoul and then from Seoul to Guam. Not being well travelled at all (until very recent years I would get nervous about navigating the London underground) this is all somewhat of a challange. Thank God that He promises to be with me always.

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