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My Guamia - I know I shall be back

Saturday 4th Dec
I went to Inarajan Pool again but his time with the ladies and Allison. Took a lovely picnic and Sandie and Glen and their lovely family were there too along with Ash. It was a lovely afternoon and we spotted an octopus in the pool. When approached it inked as it scarped. We also saw a couple of sword fish in there and others as well. I really is a beautiful place.

Sunday 5th Dec
Went to church and was included in worship again. The teach was great and was about problems and the perspective we have on them compared with God‘s perspective. How Gods perspective is so much different from ours. What can seem to be enormous problems to us are insignificant to God. If he has directed us to do something and there are obstacles in the way that’s his problem not ours. All we need to be is willing to do as he has asked. Very appropriate I thought - thanks God.

Cathy Ricke and I grabbed a subway lunch before going to a fabulous beach at Ritidian Point. It is at the edge of a jungle which is a kind of national park, is protected is closes at 4pm. I went snorkelling for the first time over the coral reef. Saw black cucumber plant, clams, alsorts of tropical fish, coral teaming with life sea urchins. Had a lovely evening meal at Cath and Ricke's and was dropped off at Sheilas and stayed with the ladies there for a while before coming back to Rosies. What a day!

Monday 6th Dec
I went to Alupang Beach Club on the Dolphin watch package courtesy of Allison. Allison, Ricke, Cathy, Greg and I went. Jojo was meant to come but had to stay and wait for the man to finish mending the air conditioning, the engineer had arrived an hour late. Food was laid on and was good, we were shown how to weave with palm leaves, I made a necklace, we were also shown how to deal with a coconut and watched coconut candy being made. I dont like coconut really - but this tasted good. I am guessing the differance being that it was fresh coconut. We were then taken by bus to the quay were we caught a boat. There was a banana boat ride towed by the tour boat which Ricke, Cathy, Greg and I went on while Allison took pics with Cathy’s camera. I am hoping to get copies of them. Then we went in search of dolphins and found them. They were spectacular - there was quite a big group of them. I have movies of them - which I have posted on Facebook including a movie of a very acrobatic dolphin. He was obviously very happy to spontaneously summersalt for us like that. So wonderful to see them wild and in their natural habitat. Went snorkelling again and saw angel fish and sword fish and others. I might get some of those photo’s soon from Greg - he was able to take some underwater by taking his camera with him in a very clever waterproof case with room for his zoom lense to work. He took a pic of me in my goggles and snorkel underwater too. Cant wait to see that - what a hoot!

If visiting Guam going on one of the Alupang Beach Club days really is a must - there are different ones - some include jet ski, kayaking and diving I think, equipment also included so you dont have to have your own gear. I would highly recommend it!

Tuesday 7th Dec
Spent all day at OEC and I was with the ladies during the morning and afternoon the afternoon. Really enjoying it and although I am not recovering from dependency from drink or chemical addiction I am really getting a lot out of the material myself. The material can be applied to all sorts of situations and addictions. People with food issues for instance. Between lessons - lunch time I was really able to get into the word reading about 10 chapters. It was quite an amazing breakthrough for me. Often reading anything just sends me to sleep whatever the time of day and especially after lunch of at bed time. Even first thing in the morning I have a problem sometimes. It was great to be able to sit down and read without any such problem. I think something may have broken in the spiritual over me concerning this. Hope so! Another miracle? I just read and read and couldn’t put the bible down. I jammed with Ash and Jessica before coming home to spaghetti bolognaise. Bev is a good cook. Later she made cookies, they too were amazing.

Wednesday 8th Dec
Spent all day at OEC and with the ladies morning and afternoon again. The ladies are great and so open. Some Ladies only come because they have to and although that is the case for most of them most look forward to it I think, seeing what has been achieved already by the programme they follow here. It is a marvelous work being done and is acknowledged by the state government who give some funding towards it and seeing the success rate. There is a wonderful team of people who sort out health and welfare issues and organise meetings in respect of where the ladies live when they have completed the programme. For many it is not good to go back where they came from because there are too many triggers. They are much more likely to stay clean and free from their drug and drink habits in a place outside of their original neighbourhoods. We have some serious times of prayer and business and laughs in between too. I feel so at home in this environment. It’s like putting on a taylor made jacket on, it fits. The weather reached 102F/40C today - and I survived!. The OEC has good air conditioning and I was there most of the day but still I wouldnt have thought I could cope with such temperatures and it seems I can.

We had meat loaf at Sheila’s with the ladies in the evening which was fantastic. Went to the Celebrate Recovery meeting at the OEC after that and chatted with Allison and Jessica. Allison is planning a trip on Saturday on Friday to a cave with a spring where we can swim, Marble Cave. The ladies will be coming too. In the evening we had a couple of DVDs showing and Bev made a mexican salsa. It was amazing, she is so good!

My journey home starts in the early hours of Sunday morning. I had it in my head that it was Saturday morning so I am please - I have gained a day. Sad to miss the Sunday service though. Would have been nice to say goodbye to everyone there.

Posted by Ruth Brett 13:32

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