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Not been here for a while. It is now Friday December 2010 21:30 pm. Lots has happened and there are lots of new photos on my facebook page - haven't figured out how to post photos on Travellerspoint yet. Time escapes me to be honest.

Saturdays adventures took me to a high point overlooking Sette Bay. The hills or mountains (what you call them depends muchly on where you come from, I come from near Cambridge England so they are mountains)) look like they are covered in a lush carpet of moss - of course they are not - all kinds of foliage covers them and they are jungles really. They are beautiful and I can't quite capture the effect on the camera sadly. We, that is Ricke and Cathy and I then went on to Umatac Bay which is where the Spanish first landed on Guam. Ferdinand Megellan was the man and he anchored here on March 6th 1521 and laid claim to the country. The Spanish built an interesting bridge. It is maintained today in grey with red trim and has the effect of being out of toy town really. Quite strange. You can see though how the Spanish gained and kept control over the bay and the town and were able to regulate who and what got in and what did not. There were also two forts either side of the outermost points of the bay, one of which has been preserved, cannons and all. I am hoping to export some pictures which will help you all get the idea. Mr T from the A Team keeps a Carabao there. If you really want you can have your picture taken on it for $5. I didnt but I did take a couple of pictures of the beast. They seem quite placid but I am assured they can get narked and flick you up into the air if they have a mind to. I am also assured there is a difference between a bull and a carabao though I am not sure what it is.

We then went further round the coast to Inarahan Pool passing Bear Rock on the way. It really looks like a bear! Amazing!

As soon as we arrived at Inarahan pool we had our lovely picnic lunch and as we were eating Allison turns up with her friend Amy. They were hoping for a quiet time together. We figured this and largely left them alone. They were practicing listening prayer there. What a great place to do that!

The Pool(s) were a wonder of creation. They are a selection of natural rock pools deep enough to swim in. Beautiful tropical fish of may kinds can be seen there. I saw a ball of corral as big as a foot ball - sadly I didnt have a snorkle but I could see it clearly from the surface. Rick saw a lion fish and told Cathy and I not to go that way. They are harmful if they stick you with their spines. I think you can get quite ill from the sting.

It is not good to go beyond the natural barrier to the sea. It looks harmless enough as there is a lovely flat warn surface of rock that looks inviting to walk on but the waves can whip your feet from under you, suck you out to sea and then keep bringing you back in bashing you against the rocks which are very sharp and look like they are laverous. Reef shoes are needed, a snorkle and mask would be a really good idea for maximum enjoyment and appreciation. You must remember to apply suntan lotion as soon as you get out of the water, I got a sun burn because I didnt and it doesnt take long to burn. There are a series of sheltered communial areas for shade and eating in, toilets nearby and a store. Very nicely done and thought out.

Went back to Ricke and Cathy's, had an evening meal there which although I cant remember what it was now I can tell you that it was lovely. All Cathy's meals have been really good. Later Cathy took me home.

Sunday we went to the church service at OEC of course. It was fun being in the worship team. Beth is a inspiring worship leader and introducted a freashly penned worship song that just ushered in the presence of God and spoke of his greatness. My photos of the baptisms were slide showed on screan and I was invited to introduce myself to the Church and explain why I was visiting. We ate together at Church after the service. This doesnt always happen but everyone was invited to bring their Thanks Giving left overs to share. It was quite a feast. It amused me though to see all the children and some of the adults fill their plates with desert and passing on the main. Went back to the house after and changed into swimmies before being picked up with Heather by Ricke to go back and spend the afternoon in their pool. It was great - so relaxing no time limits and we could stay in as long as we liked. Showered and changed, mealed with Cathy and Ricke again and then watched a faith building vid, a documentary about the raising of a 3 day dead person called Daniel with live footage of him showing signs of life. Police said no way could that crash have been survived, the doctor certificated him as being dead (no signs of life, no breathing and no pulse, and cold) and the mortuary were witnesses to him becoming stiff as well. Still the wife - standing on the promises of God as revealed to her by him insisted that she take him many miles to a healing meeting. Her husband dying was in conflict with what God had said to her and she believed God and not the circumstances. Consequently Daniel is alive today and testifies as do the police, the doctors and the man at the mortuary to having been dead and life being restored to him by God. The vid/DVD is called 'Raised from the Dead' and Reinhard Bonnke was the main man at the healing evangelistic meeting. As I said before, vidio footage of Daniel coming back to life is recorded in it. Amazing. Went home - went to bed built up and very happy.

On Monday I went shopping at Ross with Jessica and Allison - I bought those shoes and that bag! Both were a bargain. Jessica liked the shoes so much that she bought some too! On Monday too was my first visit to the Second Chance store which is and Oasis fund raising Charity Shop. Later Jessica took me to the Jamacan Grill where I joined Allison, Rob, Ethan, Jojo and Monica for a lovely meal. Then home again.

On Tuesday we had devotions first thing in the morning. I had morning and afternoon meetings with the ladies at OEC
Chicken and Taglittelli cooked by Rosie - very nice and saw a scary film with Jessica and Rosie, well I was facebooking most of the time but still got the jist. It had me on tenter hooks that's for sure.

On Wednesday morning we all did devotions together ('Fight like a Girl' is a really good series by the way), had an OEC morning meeting and learned a couple of worship songs in the afternoon with Beth. This Sunday I will be on guitar and singing - Beth will be on drums for praise and keys for worship. We also have other singers joining us and ukalali players.

I had a lovely evening with Jessica at Chamorro Village and brought some gifts and ate culteral food. Visiting the Chamorro village is a must while visiting Guam. It is open on Wednesday and Friday night but the best night to visit is Wednesday as they have all the morket stalls as well as all the shops open. There were fire dances the youngest was a six year old girl. I didnt vid until the end for fear of misshap but she was good! I got a whole video of the culteral dance display. It was a great evening. We ate their BBQ chicken, noodles and banana fritter on a scewer there and had a wonderful mango smoothie too. My best purchase? A shell that you can blow - it's a perfect 'E' and the shells were used by the Chamorros to warn around the island of danger, or attack and to call for help. It was a prophetic purchase and like the shafar is Israels trumpet call into the Kingdom, this shell is Guams. Am I Susan?

Thursday morning I was really fragile. We did morning devotions together but I didnt hear much of it. I was crying for the people of Guam I think and God is doing a work in me. I know I shall be back here, how when and for how long, I dont know but I know I shall be back. God is talking to me about Susan in the Chronicals of Narnia her gift was the horn to blow to call for Aslan.

I had meetings at OEC morning and afternoon. The ladies are amazing, growing so much and the material being used is so good. They really benefit from it. So do I!

In the evening I cooked a Chinese Chicken Stirfry with rice for Rosie and the girls, very nice. I think they liked it. Rosie and I chose a couple of vids and watched one of them - based on true story dating back to 1928 - intense, very! Gripping and tragic. 'Changeling'. It was very good but I dont think I shall watch it again.

Today, Friday I am at the Coffee Beanery at Tumon playing Catch up with the blogging. Got my Iced Mocca Coffee with Hazelnut Syrup which is lovely and am plugged in to the wifi. Rosie will be picking me up soon to either go to the beach or go to Ross store or both. I have been invited to Allison and Robs for a roast dinner this evening and am looking forward to that. I think I may have achieved all that I am able to at the moment as far as blogging is concerned. I will try to add pics, maps and vids at some stage but I hope my blog readers are content with my diary for now. Time is escaping me quickly and I cant believe that a week tomorrow I shall be travelling back home again. Must try to get an enviable tan before I return. TTFN. Ruth x ;) <3

Posted by Ruth Brett 19:12

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